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Finding A Good Fellowship

An individual would want to belong to a church which they find themselves very happy and joyous about. At some point in the lives of an individual, they must have looked for a place to fellowship. While others take long to identify a place to fellowship, others have been able to find a place to worship quickly

Continue searching for a better place to call a fellowship if you clearly observer that where you are do not give proper teaching which is in accordance to the bible teaching. The scripture has harshly pronounced punitive punishment to the people who distort scripture for their advantage.
Below are some of the factors you can consider when looking for a church where you can fellowship.

consider selecting a church that will always encourage you also to worship and fellowship. Sitting in a church or singing good songs is not what worship is all about. Through all your life, the fellowship or church that you decide to join must always connect you to God.

Another factor that you may consider when identifying a place of worship is whether the church reaches out. The view of the church on evangelism is very important. The primary calling of the church is to share the good news to the people who have not known Christ. Preaching the gospel must therefore be a priority to all the churches which are believers.

Leadership qualification and good standing on biblical teachings is a factor that you may need to consider when selecting a church.
The church you select must be guided by the bible principles. The church doctrines must be founded on scripture. If you are not careful you may likely end up in a church that has greatly distorted the scripture and followed its own ways. The need why emphasis on being careful has been made is because of the very many churches which have been started.

Select a fellowship that you feel you share the common faith and principles. Consult your mind for reasonable time before you choose to stick with one church that is fulfilling and gives peace to your heart.

When choosing to belong a fellowship, you must be able to gather information and know whether the bible is preached all the time. You need to consider whether this is the place where you may want you family to feed the word of God.

Lastly, consider joining a fellowship where you shall also be involved in the leadership and decision making of the church.

You need to ensure that you also join in making a fellowship a better place.

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