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Essential Guide on the Different Types of Trailers

The right job you do will be determined by the type of tool you will be having. It is therefore important to have the right trailer when you want to transport things using your truck. The semi-trucks are the ones which are used to attach the trailers. You should, therefore, choose the best type of trailer that you should use when hauling. This article will, therefore, discuss the various types of trucks and the type of cargo they can transport.

There is lowboys trailer. This can be counted as one of the largest trailer existing. You can use this type of trailer to carry loads weighing between 40k to 80k pounds. They are low to the ground. The average feet of the loads that can be transported can be between 12 to 4 feet.

There are flatbeds trailers. This is the most versatile type of trailer that you can use. The flatbeds trailers are always known of their flat surface and their varying anchoring points. They can be used to carry loads weigh around 48k pounds, and they should have a length of between 53 to 48 feet. The tarps are usually made so that they cannot be exposed to the elements. They can be used to transport very heavy loads because of their upward bows.

We also have the side-kit trailer. They are slightly different from the flatbeds. It is the slats and the stack which are attached to the flatbed which brings the difference. This can make it very easy to transport the loose materials without having any feeling that the materials might damage. They also have some tarp or sometimes called the rolling tarp which can keep the cargo being transported to fly on the winds.

You should also know the power only trailer. This type of trailer is usually attached to the secondary air tow trailers in the truck. This extension is useful since it will boost the power used in brakes and lights.

The drop deck trailers are also there. These trailers are sometimes different with the tractor-trailer as they are pneumatic for loading and unloading. These types of air tow trailers are usually be found at the working site and companies since they are mainly for loading and unloading purposes.

The dump trailers. They usually have the mounted hoist which helps them to push upwards. This will allow the goods inside it to dump out. They are mainly used by the semi-trucks. They can be used to transport different commodities.

In summary, this report has discussed the different type of air tow trailers you should know.