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A Guideline About Coral Reefs And What It’s All About

coral reefs are one of the most worlds most colorful and unique ecosystem, even though they cover only 1% of the ocean basement they have a huge impact on the rest of the world. They form only 1% of the ocean basement, but the coral reef good effect affects the whole ocean, and in turn, it affects the world. Fascinating descriptions of coral reefs which are unknown as mentioned in this article.

The first factor considered is that coral reefs are not plants but animals who are closely related to jellyfish and anemones. A major factor to remember is that the coral reefs, unlike other animals, make food through photosynthesis. Even though the polyps are a vital organ of the coral reefs, through the symbiotic relationship with the algae which is in the formation of a microscopic fragment inside the cell lining the digestive committee of the polyps. The remainder 10% of the energy polyps get The Tentacles after Attacking Prey. Coral reefs eat plastics, and they loved it did as scientists did a study in California in the year 2017 with various fragments of micro plastics and sand they found out that coral reefs enjoy consuming micro plastics more than any other thing.

Coral reefs at the most biodiversity marine locations in the entire planet-hosting millions of species. Biodiversity nature in the coral reefs forms and alternatives for millions of species who prefer its locality finding food, shelter, reproducing, hence an enticing place for them to harbor. Biodiversity nature of the coral reefs also come in handy to the bigger fish species which are maturing up hence giving them a safe harbor until they are old enough to join the deeper sea. Coral reefs are important in the development of new medicines, this according to research of various scientists who claim the medicines extracted are used to treat cancer, heart diseases, and arthritis and many others.

Tourism and fishing industry rely in a big way in the coral reefs because the ocean is protected it from being damaged by storms although human activity has threatened the existence of the existence that big with almost 60%. Polyps organisms formed the hardcover on the coral reefs but are soft inside, and this is the reason why it should take a coral reef out of the water it is hard on the outside. Coral reefs do thrive in places which have heavy currents and strong wave patterns they mostly do grow in these areas attracting many animals because of the plenty of food that is available hence manage the ecosystem.

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