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Vacation Ideas for the Smoking Enthusiasts

The legalization of recreational marijuana is taking over the country, and Michigan is the latest state that has legalized use for marijuana for recreational purpose. However, 40 states are yet to legalize the use of recreational marijuana, and there is no doubt that such states still have a stoners who are yearning to make their first visit to the marijuana dispensary. If you are eager to make your visit to the dispensary, or you are interested in jumping across the pond and visit some of the countries in Europe where marijuana is legalized, here are some of the best 420 vacations.

Colorado is one of the first states that have legalized the recreational use of marijuana, having legalized marijuana back in 2012. That will mean that there are dispensaries that have opened within the span over six years in the state, and have also mastered the art of selling cannabis. Any stoner looking for the best weed-friendly vacation destination, Colorado will be one of the choices. When visiting Colorado, you not only get the opportunity to enjoy smoking marijuana, but one also gets the chance to experience the incredible nature that Colorado has to offer. The state stands out due to tons of wildlife, mountain peaks and hiking trails that one can enjoy while lighting up.

Las Vegas stands out as the ultimate party city. One will have casinos, clubs, shows and recreational marijuana to help enhance their vacation experience. After a night of partying, drinking and gambling, one can bank on cannabis for relaxation as they wait for the next day to do it all over again. Click for more info one some of the excellent strains you can enjoy in Las Vegas.

Washington legalized the use of recreational marijuana at the same time as Colorado, and it is thus a must visit spot for a stoner. When one is enjoying a vacation in Washington, they not only have a chance to visit one of the most lively cities in the United States, Seattle, but it is also an opportunity to explore at Olympic National Park and the Cascade Mountains. You can also decide to visit the beautiful beaches as you enjoy the high-quality ganja Washington has to offer.

When you want to mark the vacation with beautiful beaches, big city life, famous national parks, and legal cannabis, California is the ideal vacation destination. Although medical marijuana as legalized in 1996 in the state, they only legalized cannabis for recreational use recently.

Before some states legalized the use of cannabis, The Netherlands was one of the best 420 vacation destinations. Amsterdam has had years of experience in offering legalized cannabis, and this makes the city the ultimate destination for any stoner looking for the best weed adventure.

These are just some of the best 420 vacations one can take. If you have interest in cannabis-related news, check out our blog today.