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Five Great Tips for Selecting the Right Courier Service

If your business sends and receives a lot of packages, then you should identify a courier service to help you. Plenty of courier companies are available, but you must not choose one without look into various considerations. Many people choose a courier service based on the cost it charges, but that should not be the only consideration to examine, and in most cases, they end up disappointed when they select the least expensive one. Choosing the right courier service involves look into a plethora of issues which this article explains.

Assess courier service availability and dependability. A top courier company should be steadfast in service delivery with the highest satisfaction rates from clients. When you call it, it shows up in time to pick the package and deliver it to the right destination within the time agreed. You can get guidance for identifying such a courier company from the online reviews by previous clients.

Ask whether there are any weight and size restrictions. Courier services have limits on weight and sizes of packages, and this also determines what you can send through them or not. Suppose your business deals with lightweight packages such as files, then you should not worry but for heavyweight parcels such furniture, you need to make inquiries.

Ask whether there is proof of delivery. Proof of delivery is vital because it confirms that the package is delivered successfully and you can have peace of mind. If it takes a long period to deliver the package, then the company should provide a way of monitoring and tracking the progress of the delivery. Monitoring and tracking might not make sense if the delivery period is short. Proof of delivery might be in the form of email, telephone call, fax, or you can see the status on the company’s website.

Inquire about the fees and cost of courier service. This is a leading consideration in most situation, but you must not be quick to opt for the lowest cost services. It is prudent to inquire about the cost of service from different courier companies and using your budget, identify the one which has the most affordable prices. The lowest rates are not necessarily the best because they might be of poor quality and you do not want disappointment when sending important parcels.

Prioritize a courier service with insurance. Most people ignore insurance yet it is a vital consideration when choosing a courier service. If that happens, then you should claim compensation for any losses that you might incur and that is why you should insist on hiring a courier company with insurance. Nowadays, quacks have also infiltrated the courier service business, and you might not distinguish them from legitimate courier companies, and thus, you must request to scrutinize their license before making any commitment.

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