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The Story Behind Porsche – Innovation to the Limit

All grand inventions start out as ideas, a scribble on a notebook or table napkin, so to be an inventor, you need ideas. Everybody in the whole word have ideas popping in and out on a regular basis Since people around the globe have these ideas popping in all the time, why aren’t they inventors? Ideas that are dormant inside the persons mind are just ideas, you cannot be an inventor based on ideas alone. It needs to turn into something, it needs to manifest into our physical world, whether it be an appliance or a machine. It’s the hard work that gets put into turning one’s ideas into an actual object, be it making prototypes or simply taking it for a little spin to see whether or not it will work try seeing this for more info.

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But today, we will not be talking about inventing and inventions as a whole but rather, a story of a very successful one and its great for you to check it out! And that invention is Porsche.

But how did Porsche become such as well known and highly sought after luxury brand of cars? Did the Porsche Panamera bring the name into the big league alone? So get your thinking hats and spreadsheets up and ready because we will be looking at how Porsche changed the definition of luxury and style forever.

Robust Function mixed with sleek form.

The new word of the day is Horological. This word simply means the study of time’s measurement.

Most luxury car brands like working with skilled watchmakers to produce high quality watches inspired by cars. But there is not a single company that can beat the seriousness and dedication to horology the way Porsche does view more here!

They have completely reshaped the landscape of the watch industry. But how did they do this? By joining both function and form. This is the design philosophy of Bauhaus. And that any object’s form cannot be separated from the function and the other way around.

Ferdinand was not just satisfied with building only cars. He wants to take his design skills to the very next level.
He set out into the world to chase his dreams, left his family’s business behind and began Porsche Design. And his first product you ask? His first product was a wrist watch.

Nobody was wearing or even cared about black wrist watch way back in 1972. Ferdinand saw all the shiny gold or even some leather watches and he felt like something was lacking. His first creation was an instant hit, a black steel watch and bracelet.

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He did not think about giving it some sort of fancy name. It was called the Chronograph. It was inspired by airplane gauges.

You need to simply give an analogue watch a quick glance and instantly know what time of day it is. The black steel face with the white markers did that perfectly.

The design is timeless. The watch is still a modern design today as so it did 40 years ago.

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