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Different Names of God in Hebrew

You should know that for our God there are lots of names that you will hear today as an individual. For the names, maybe you have some few in your mind that you hear or you know the people to associate God with today.

One of the things that the people will derive the name of their God from is the characteristics on how He helps and manifests himself to his people. There are there is power in every name that the people do use to refer to God today.

In the bible you will note that there are some different names that the scriptures do use to refer to the name of the lord. It is great to note that there are lots of names in the bible that do come from the Hebrew language. It is therefore essential to know some of the names that you can expect from the Bible today.

Following is a list of the different kind of names in Hebrew that you should know today. Adonai is among the famous names that you will see in the Bible which refers to the Trinity. Also, Yahweh is a popular name of God as well which comes from the Hebrew Bible.

El Shaddai is also a name that people refer to God with, it means the God Almighty and for the Hebrew, it reflects on the God’s characters to strength, the power and his majesty upon us and the whole world. For the Hebrew Bible its part of the common names that you will stand to see as well.

For God, the El Roi is part of the names that you will find as well today. It is crucial to know that if you will have a look at the name, it comes from the context of the bible where Hagar calls on God for comfort. For many kinds of the names, on the list you will find Elohim, the Godfather or the creator is an essential name of God.

It is part of the names that helps to bring out the power of God through the creation process. For the different kind of names for God Yahweh Yireh is part of the essential names that the means a God who provides from the context of Abraham sacrificing his son.

For the names of God that you should know today, the Yahweh Ropheka is part of the essential names that means a God who heals. The jealous God is part of the important names that you will hear about God. If you do believe that the lord is your banner, then a good name that the Hebrew Bible offers is that of Yahweh Nissi.

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